15 Reasons Hotmail is the Best Email Service

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Hotmail is a free web-based email service that was created in 1996. It has been purchased by Oath Inc., which includes Yahoo and AOL as subsidiaries, on June 16th, 2017. Hotmail’s primary features include: storing an unlimited number of messages (although only one gigabyte per message), the ability to attach files up to 20 megabytes, and having the ability to send an email to more than one recipient at a time.

importance of hotmail

If you are looking for a new email service provider, we have compiled the top 10 reasons why Hotmail is becoming one of the best providers in the world. We also offer some tips on how to make your email experience even better!

15 Reasons Hotmail is the Best Email Service

Reasons #01 – Your Hotmail email address is at the top of your inbox.

Reasons #02 – You can use a shorter, username-only version for all messaging apps and services to make it easier to remember and share with others.

Reason #03: Gmail has become too big and bloated.

Reason #04: Your Hotmail email address is a great way to avoid spam and junk mail.

Reason #05: You can use the same username for all of your accounts across social networks, online retailers, financial websites, etc.

Reasons #06 – Hotmail has offline access with Outlook Desktop Client

Reasons #07 – Hotmail is a more secure email service thanks to OneDrive integration

Reason #08: You have much better control over your spam filtering.

Reason #09: Your password will be automatically saved in the browser when you log onto hotmail.com

Reason #010– If all of these reasons aren’t enough, Hotmail is free.

Reason #011– You can get a new email address with the “New Mail” button from any computer at hotmail.com

Reasons #012 – You will never lose your emails thanks to unlimited storage space and instant backups for all folders on OneDrive

Reasons #013 – You can use Google Apps instead of Hotmail posteingang öffnen .

Reason #014: Gmail users will never have to worry about running out of space thanks to the new unlimited storage plan they just introduced in April 2016.

Reason #015: Hotmail is easy to set up and has a reliable spam filter

Important’s of Hotmail

its email service is so superior to standard services that you will never go back. It has many features and they are worth your time

As the new millennium settled in, Hotmail was there with its intuitive interface for composing messages, attachments (including photos), spell checkers, and more; an era of mobile phones had not yet begun, so people still wrote and sent letters.

It has a friendly interface that is easy to use for everyone who wants to get started with email without all the complicated settings of other providers out there – it’s free which means you have no risk!

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