New Year of Ancient Times (Must Read)

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A nationwide Happy New Year 2017 did not mean the turn of the year took place everywhere at the same time. In medieval church bells determined the hour of the day, which served as the basis “high noon” on the sundial in the church. From East to West Netherlands indicated that a difference of more than ten minutes, but in a careless clerk was able to increase significantly.

As long as the transport industry had been barely developed, it did not matter that all the towns and villages used an own time. Hotmail Sign in The British Railways responded first. For the sake of a national schedule, tutu heper they focused since 1840 on the Greenwich Mean Time, later developed into a global standard.


The Dutch Railways pulled out here in 1892 in the Amsterdam time, which was to be read on the Wester. Regulatory gold this time from April 30, 1909 for the whole country, so only since all Dutch synchronously life. However, the Germans would be here to enter the Berlin Time (one hour earlier) in 1940, which still stands, albeit under the name Central European Time, an area as much as the entire area between Belarus and Portugal spans – what as in comic-effect that has less accurate our clocks during the greater part of the day display the time than in the Middle Ages.(you can read more about this on official government website login.

New Year is celebrated in the Netherlands since 1576 on January 1 …
It seems that the oldest inhabitants of our region, which had no real calendar, between late December and early January held a midwinter festival of twelve nights. The Romans, in turn, showed initially start the new year on March 1, but from 44 v. BC, when Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar, named after him, which was January 1, the day the new Senate was installed. With the revival of the Latin during the Renaissance was that date more people apply, although the Catholic Church tried to find other data input of Mini Militia Mod APK. First, they asked for Easter, after Epiphany, then Christmas and finally, St. Maarten; Also Annunciation on March 25, there has not been discounted.

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